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"These are some of the most affordable apartments in the area and offer a great location. The five star review is mostly because of the management--they are FANTASTIC! Jim and Taylor in the office are always available, understanding, and quick to help. Robert is in charge of maintenance and does an excellent job in a timely manner."

Review Received From: http://Yelp.com

- June 2016 by Jack D

" lived here for two years and would be signing a lease again if I wasn't moving out of state. Apartments are great size and location for the price. Not to mention the manager, Jim, is very helpful and quick to respond to any issues. I have recommended this apartment to all my friends!"

- October 2015 by Elyssia

"We are here because of extended stay for my brother's treatments at Vanderbilt Clinic. We needed a 30-day rental. James, owner, was.so personable and have us a tour of the property. We found all to be in good order. There is no on-site office, but they are timely & responding to every need"

- January 2015 by Anonymous

"I lived here for 3 years and I absolutely loved it. Jim, the manager, is so helpful and accommodating, and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy. Not to mention, the location and price can't be beat. The only reason we moved is because we needed another bedroom, and there were no 2 BRs available. I highly recommend Village South!"

- October 2014 by nashvilleres123